The news surrounding the end of Snyderverse and with it the imminent cancellation of Wonder Woman 3 made me worry that this figure would never be released. We already have the Golden Armor from Wonder Woman 1984, plus the film was a pandemic movie and the critics seemed to hate it.

On the other hand, I simply adore it. It’s not perfect, sure, but I love the friendship between Diana and Barbara. We also got to truly see Diana’s arc, the first moments she took flight, and the peaceful nature that’s ingrained in her through the Amazon code.

“The Amazon Code” from Wonder Woman vol. 3 (2006) #25.
Written by Gail Simone. Drawn by Bernard Chang.

But anyway, back to this figure. I preordered her like two years ago? And the figure kept being pushed back. She was supposed to arrive in April 2022. Then August. Then November. Then March 2023.

However, I woke up today and saw two eBay listings that said she’s already in stock and ready to ship.

I contacted Sideshow and the agent said yes, she was just released in Hong Kong and it might take six to eight weeks before the figure arrives in batches. Unfortunately, the agent didn’t know which batch my order was. They asked if I’d seen the new blogger photos on Hot Toy’s Facebook page. I don’t have Facebook anymore, but I managed to snag some, and here they are, to drum up anticipation.

She’s gorgeous, but I don’t think I’m liking the semi-rose-gold instead of the brilliant gold. And I never like molded hair. But by Aphrodite, she’s so beautiful. That said, Hot Toys still has not managed to catch Gal Gadot’s true beauty, though.

Well, maybe the Golden Armor head sculpt is the closest.

I can’t wait to kitbash it and create a new Wonder Dude armor for Chrissy.

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