I’m not exactly a Rocky enthusiast. Heck, the only Rocky I know is the one from the Horror Picture Show, but I had to make this post when vendors began listing preorders for Star Ace’s Apollo Creed (slated to start shipping in Q3 2023).

These are his details I lifted from Sideshow:

The celebration of the 45th Anniversary of Rocky continues with the release of the one sixth scale collectible figure of Rocky’s friend and nemesis, Apollo Creed.

World Heavyweight Champion Apollo Creed gives the no-name, down on his luck boxer Rocky Balboa a chance at the big time in an exhibition match that turns into a fight Creed never expected.  

This one sixth figure features a head sculpt with an authentic likeness to Apollo and has a moveable eyes feature. He comes with interchangeable hands, boxing gloves, his signature American flag boxing shorts, the America flag hat, and the sleeveless coat that Apollo wears entering the ring. 

Don’t miss your chnace [sic] to add this Apollo Creed Sixth Scale Figure to your Rocky collection today!

Star Ace’s releasing two versions: Standard (one head sculpt, no hands), and Deluxe (two head sculpts, two pairs of hands).

When I first looked at the body, I thought it looked familiar. It looks a little bit bigger than Carl Weathers’ actual bod in one of those Rockies, but it’s the perfect match to his body when he’s in Predator.

Now, Predator has great one-liners, including some that’d get the movie cancelled today, but man everyone’s super hot in that movie (yes, even the Yautja). Carl Weather’s roided gut and his dark, muscular body oiled up and glistening is one of the reasons why Predator remains one of my top ten sci-fi IP movies.

But I digress.

Anyway, the pecs on that sixth-scale body, the muscle definition, the weird-looking crescent thing on the upper spine, the legs. That’s definitely a Phicen M34 body. With actual paintjob/shade job on the nipples.

Phicen has been known to collaborate with other toy companies to produce seamless bodies. A few years ago, they worked with Sideshow to create the sixth-scale Wonder Woman from the Trinity line of the DC Comics collectibles.

However, every listing on that Wonder Woman figure mentions that the body was specifically designed by Phicen/TBLeague. Yet, there’s no mention of Phicen/TBLeague anywhere on Star Ace’s Apollo Creed listings (both Standard and Deluxe versions).

I definitely won’t shell $200-$300 to get this Apollo Creed, although I’ll make sure to stalk the shops on my Stockist Index to see if I could get the body as a kitbash.

My only hope is that whoever’s producing this supposed seamless body (“supposed” because he’s still wearing pants in the promo photos, so we can’t tell whether the waist, hip, and crotch joints are visible), we’ll be able to get a proper Black seamless, sixth-scale body. And I don’t mean black as in Anubis black.

It’s really high time for Phicen/TBLeague to start producing more diverse bodies and skin tones because honestly, I want some sexy Black guys in my universe who aren’t basketballers. And I want some dad-bod ones too.

However, I don’t think we’ll get him anytime soon. That Wonder Woman’s body is a one-off (I guess DC/Sideshow wants to claim the exclusive rights). Phicen (collaborating with Capcom and Iconiq) created a hulking seamless body for Street Fighter Ryu and the body’s not for individual sale. It could also be another exclusivity thing with Capcom and Iconiq.

In the mean time, I’ll keep trying to color my Phicen M bodies. And if I find something that works permanently, I’ll have to start thinking of creating Black dicks too.


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