I’m gay and vegetarian, so I don’t see any reason to go to Hooters. I mean, to be fair, I don’t even go to Chipotle, so there’s that.

But today (October 4th) is apparently the anniversary of Hooters. I’ve absolutely no interest in demeaning women because I’m not a sexist douche, so to celebrate it, I decided to run with the Femboy Hooters concept.

According to KnowYourMeme.com, “femboy Hooters” originated in 2019 from a tweet by a user called Comfy_Times:

I don’t know who this person is (the account has been suspended) but they seem cool (BLM & ACAB). Also, I don’t know if this person realized they tweeted it three days before Hooters’ actual anniversary.

One thing I noticed from looking at Hooters interior photos is that this breastaurant (you’re reading it right) is very much a sports bar (another reason why I never go there). Meaning there are multiple flat-screen TVs on the walls, broadcasting sports.

For the Femboys Hooters, I chose to broadcast some of my favorite shows and movies: Pose (with a still featuring the one and only Ms. Angelica Ross), Nia Vardalos & Toni Colette’s Connie & Carla, and John Waters’ Female Trouble.

With all these gay-for-pay and trans-for-pay actors, it’s really refreshing to see shows like Pose, Star Trek Discovery, and Somebody Somewhere actually hiring real-life queer actors instead of award-chasers like Pedro Pascal, Stanley Tucci, and Cate Blanchett.

Connie & Carla is this little-known gem that has that Thelma & Louise, Some Like It Hot energy. Apart from showcasing the singing talents of Nia Vardalos and Toni Colette (as well as Daddy David Duchovny), it also features queer actors and comedians like the fabulous Alec Mapa and Stephen Spinella as well as a gaggle of fabulous queens.

And I know Pink Flamingo is what everybody thinks of whenever someone mentions John Waters or Divine, but Female Trouble is still, by far, my favorite film collab of these two crazy kids.

I also printed out stills from Paris Is Burning and Girls Will Be Girls but the print-outs were too dark, so I decided not to use them.

And “Femboy Hooters Makes You Fappy” is a play on the Hooters’ tagline “Hooters Makes You Happy.”

Femboy Hooters is owned by Hikaru Hiro (Takeshi’s dad) and it’s a vegan restaurant.

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