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WARNING: Posts in this category may not be suitable for everyone. Please view them at your discretion.

These erotic stories and doll photos and videos are works of fiction. Always practice safer sex and be aware of your rights and legalities when practicing any kinks and fetishes.

Click here to read the ongoing adventures of Matt, Wade, Takeshi, Manuel, and Chrissy, Dollsexposed Universe’s main characters.

Celebrating Wonder Woman Day (Tribute to George PΓ©rez)Pride 

It’s fitting that one of the most enduring characters in fiction, who turns out to be queer, has her day in June, which also happens to be Pride Month.

This Friday, We Wear Orange and Demand Gun ReformPride 

Why does anyone need a killing machine? I tell you why: because they want to kill. Because they want death. And they don’t care whether it’s an animal or a human child.

Pink Dress and Man Milk Mark the Start of Pride MonthPride 

Amidst the storm of bigotry that rains down vitriol and violence onto the queer community, I want Chrissy to stand up and out in a pink dress and high heels.

Today We Burn and Stomp on the Confederate and Gadsden Flags

To celebrate Memorial Day, we’re burning these hateful symbols.

The Little PissmaidTaboo 

Matt and Wade joke and laugh as they walk back to the area where they left Chrissy to bring back some food and drinks from Wade’s Jeep. Thor’s bounding along behind them, enjoying the sandy walk. They just finished the mermaid shoot and are ready for a picnic lunch before heading back to the city.

The Little Mermaid Is a Gay Love Letter & Other Merfacts

Wade puts on Prince Eric costume while Matt and Chrissy do a tribute to Sade’s “No Ordinary Love.”

The Plumber & The Sissy (National Limerick Day)Hardcore 

There once was a broke, pink-haired sissy…

Wonder Dude, Ameowthyst, Captain Arm-Merica, and Thor (the Dog) for National Superhero Day

When my boy classmates in primary school were talking about Superman this and Batman that, I was busy watching Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman and daydreaming I was her.

Oh, Boy It’s Boylesque!

To honor burlesque performers, Chrissy dons his favorite gold stilettos, white rose undies, and gold rhinestone jewelry, and straddles his gold, circle swing.

National Banana Day/National Cat Lady Day (+ Impromptu Tribute to Josephine Baker)Nudity 

Bananas? I love them. They’re easy to eat, they’re sweet, they’re satisfying, and they’re shaped like dicks. I mean, what’s not to like?

International Day of Pink (dedicated to Gabriel, Anthony, and Tyler)

WARNING: Discussions of the Holocaust, violence, death, murder, and suicide.

Abortion Is a Human Right (Pro-Life T-Shirt Day)

Abortion disproportionately hurts those who are poor, and this mostly means the population of color. Here’s what we can do in the meantime.

The Trans Dolls (Amanda Lepore, Sarina Valentina, Jazz Jennings, Laverne Cox)Nudity 

Out of the hundreds of thousands of cisgendered dolls in all colors, shapes, and sizes, we found only four trans dolls and action figures that have graced the world with their presence.

Now We’re Bellydancing with Sword

It’s been years since I last put on my bellydance costume and even longer when I last danced with my swords. So, I decided to honor my Turkish scimitars and Sultan sword by crafting (yes) a sixth-scale sword for Chrissy.

New Phicen Body for Star Ace’s Apollo Creed?

Carl Weather’s roided gut and his dark, muscular body oiled up and glistening is one of the reasons why Predator remains one of my top ten sci-fi IP movies.

“Why” 31st Anniversary (Tribute to Annie Lennox)

My first meeting with Annie Lennox was when I was a child in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was at a music

It’s Barbie, Bitch! (National Barbie Day + Bonus Penthouse Tribute)Hardcore 

When the other boys were talking about Superman this and Spiderman that, all my heroes were women: Supergirl, The Bionic Woman, all Disney princesses (especially Aurora), both Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman, and of course, Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman.

Anubis and His Bitch (Chrissy’s Fantasy)Taboo 

Khemenetneferanpu was lounging naked in his Jasper room, draped in and admiring his jewels, when Anubis, King of the Underworld, stopped by.

Wade Stops By at Matt’sTaboo 

It’s the Saturday after the dog incident. Chrissy’s volunteering at a cat shelter/adoption place a few blocks away and won’t be back till later.

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