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WARNING: Posts in this category may not be suitable for everyone. Please view them at your discretion.

These erotic stories and doll photos and videos are works of fiction. Always practice safer sex and be aware of your rights and legalities when practicing any kinks and fetishes.

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Bad Puppy, Good BitchTaboo 

Wade’s been planning this for months now. He teased Chrissy but Chrissy didn’t know how or when Wade was going to tell Matt. Chrissy begged and pleaded with Wade not to let Matt know about him and Thor but Wade just laughed it off.

Mardi Gras (Or That Day When Jake Drops By)Hardcore 

We don’t celebrate Fat Tuesday. We’re here for the beads and the sex. Everyone knows Chrissy’s a slut, and when

Red Camaro BlastHardcore 

Chrissy sports a mesh, high-cut bodysuit, a red tutu skirt, silver jewelry, and studded open-toed booties as he straddles Matt’s

Daddy’s Home (for Valentine’s Day)Softcore 

The morning sunrays flood the apartment in golden dapple and Chrissy grumbles. “Need. Curtains,” he thinks. Last night’s self-induced orgasm

Chrissy’s Self-Love DayHardcore 

Matt’s on a business trip in Seattle. He’s been gone since Sunday. He was supposed to fly home on Monday evening so he’d be back before Valentine’s Day but his flight has been delayed.

World Marriage Day/National Freedom to Marry Day (Bonus: Matt’s and Chrissy’s full names)

“You look like you’re going to a hoedown,” Chrissy says as he looks at Matt. To honor his ranch upbringing

Tribute to Sylvia Plath

Ah, Sylvia. Thousands of eulogies for you have been written so eloquently that it feels redundant to write yet another.

National Pizza Day and Read in the Bath Tub DayHardcore 

I love pineapples. Pineapple fried rice is the bomb. And pineapples on pizza? Amazing. That’s why for National Pizza Day,

Butts for National Lego Day and National Tina Day!Softcore 

We’re combining National Lego Day with National Tina Day! Bob’s Burgers is one of Matt’s favorite TV shows and he

Hot Toys Wonder Woman 1984 Special Edition (Blogger Photos)

The news surrounding the end of Snyderverse and with it the imminent cancellation of Wonder Woman 3 made me worry

National Human Trafficking Awareness DayNudity 

WARNING: This post covers topics of abduction, sexual assault, and trauma. Without trying to minimize the fact that the disproportionate

Venus on Half Shell (Tribute to Boris Vallejo)Nudity 

Happy birthday, Mr. Vallejo. I know nude men aren’t really your thing, but they’re mine, and I hope you’ll like this little tribute.

The Meaning of ChristmasNudity 

It’s the evening before Christmas. Matt comes home to find Chrissy wrapping Christmas presents. He smiles and thinks about yelling,

Toy Photo Studio Celebrates World AIDS Day 2022

Toy Photo Studio Celebrates World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day has always been important to me. I remember when I was in college, I’d go around campus

Animals Are Not Ours to WearNudity 

Ever since I became a vegetarian back in 2002, animal welfare has been one of my top five causes. I

After the Shoot / Wade’s SchemeTaboo 

Matt, Wade, Gar, and Chrissy just wrapped their Tom of Finland photoshoot and Matt’s waiting for Chrissy to get clean up and get dressed.

Tom of Finland's "Trampled" by Toy Photo Studio

Trampled: Tom of Finland Death Anniversary CelebrationHardcore 

It’s the finale of our Tom of Finland’s Death Anniversary Week celebration and we’re going out with a bang.

Two men having sex in front of a painting by George Quaintance inside Tom of Finland's House in Los Angeles, CA

Quaintance: Tom of Finland Death Anniversary CelebrationHardcore 

Tom almost never drew was Asian men. I think I only know one drawing of Tom that shows an Asian.

Matt and Chrissy fucking in public on top of a BMW motorcycle, inspired by Tom of Finland's biker art.

Bold Bikers: Tom of Finland Death Anniversary CelebrationSoftcore 

Tom drew a lot of bikers. In fact, he drew so many of them that there’s a Taschen book dedicated to Tom’s bikers.

Three Phicen/TBLeague male dolls reenacting Tom of Finland's "3 Dare Devils" piece.

The Three Dare Devils: Tom of Finland Death Anniversary CelebrationSoftcore 

This is the perfect piece to showcase the sixth-scale (Barbie size or around 12 inches) figures I use for this project and the majority of my work on Instagram.

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