This Monday’s #Monday4Dolls prompt challenge from @bella_belladoll is “Dance” and I just had to turn Chrissy into a bellydancer.

It’s been years since I last put on my bellydance costume and even longer since I last danced with my swords. So, I decided to honor my Turkish scimitars and Sultan sword by crafting (yes) a sixth-scale sword for Chrissy.

BTS Thoughts

I used apoxie sculpt to make the sword. The chrome effect of the blade was achieved by using black nail polish and a mirror-effect glitter for nail polish. It was a pain to apply and I got glitter everywhere. It was almost not worth it.

The hilt was spray-painted gold and I used washi tape to wrap the handle. The actual Cas Iberia/Hanwei scimitars handle is wrapped in leather. I don’t own an Iberia or a Hanwei and I opted for the smaller version called the Turkish scimitar whose handle is made of wood.

I have two Turkish scimitars that I left back in Indonesia. I named the first one Lilith and the second one Medusa. In the US, I danced with a Sultan sword. It’s not really the greatest sword to bellydance with.

The zills/finger cymbals are spacer beads. There are photos that show one of the thumb zills facing the wrong direction. Yeah, not proud of that oopsie, but I’m planning on doing another bellydance shoot (NSFW). So, stay tuned!

Chrissy wears some Fashion Royalty jewelry pieces, as well as rings (for people) and some handmade stuff as well. The gigantic spike bracelets he’s wearing are called gokhru cuffs (originated in Kohistan). I have three of them that I wore when I performed. They’re antique silver and could fetch upwards of $1000 nowadays. I was lucky to find these rings that are shaped like my gokhru cuffs.

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