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Hot Toys Wonder Woman 1984 Special Edition (Blogger Photos)

The news surrounding the end of Snyderverse and with it the imminent cancellation of Wonder Woman 3 made me worry

National Human Trafficking Awareness DayNudity 

WARNING: This post covers topics of abduction, sexual assault, and trauma. Without trying to minimize the fact that the disproportionate

New Phicen Body for Star Ace’s Apollo Creed?

Carl Weather’s roided gut and his dark, muscular body oiled up and glistening is one of the reasons why Predator remains one of my top ten sci-fi IP movies.

Wonder Dude, Ameowthyst, Captain Arm-Merica, and Thor (the Dog) for National Superhero Day

When my boy classmates in primary school were talking about Superman this and Batman that, I was busy watching Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman and daydreaming I was her.

National Banana Day/National Cat Lady Day (+ Impromptu Tribute to Josephine Baker)Nudity 

Bananas? I love them. They’re easy to eat, they’re sweet, they’re satisfying, and they’re shaped like dicks. I mean, what’s not to like?

Breaking In a Slut (feat: Leon Kennedy)Hardcore 

WARNING: Crude language and D/s. Before Chrissy met Wade and his dog Thor, and before Chrissy met Matt, there was

Cheesecake Confidential (Tribute to Olivia De Beradinis)Hardcore 

WARNING: Artwork depicting nude women ahead. When it comes to the female form, way before Jordi Labanda, Jason Brooks, Nicola

Daddy MakoaSoftcore 

Remember Mean Girls? The main baddie, Regina George, likes to use the R-word. This is how Tina Fey signals to

A Brief History of the Rainbow Flag (National Flag Day)Pride 

The gay rainbow flag is a symbol of pride, hope, and equality for the queer community.

Up Close & Personal with Muscle Beach Twins (International Read Comics in Public Day)Softcore chats with Matt Ryder of Muscle Beach Twins for an exclusive insight into his sexy comic series.

Welcome to Femboy HootersNudity 

I’m gay and vegetarian, so I don’t see any reason to go to Hooters. I mean, to be fair, I don’t even go to Chipotle, so there’s that.

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