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Hot Toys Wonder Woman 1984 Special Edition (Blogger Photos)

The news surrounding the end of Snyderverse and with it the imminent cancellation of Wonder Woman 3 made me worry

National Human Trafficking Awareness DayNudity 

WARNING: This post covers topics of abduction, sexual assault, and trauma. Without trying to minimize the fact that the disproportionate

Toy Photo Studio Celebrates World AIDS Day 2022

Toy Photo Studio Celebrates World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day has always been important to me. I remember when I was in college, I’d go around campus

Daddy’s Home (for Valentine’s Day)Softcore 

The morning sunrays flood the apartment in golden dapple and Chrissy grumbles. “Need. Curtains,” he thinks. Last night’s self-induced orgasm

New Phicen Body for Star Ace’s Apollo Creed?

Carl Weather’s roided gut and his dark, muscular body oiled up and glistening is one of the reasons why Predator remains one of my top ten sci-fi IP movies.

Abortion Is a Human Right (Pro-Life T-Shirt Day)

Abortion disproportionately hurts those who are poor, and this mostly means the population of color. Here’s what we can do in the meantime.

Today We Burn and Stomp on the Confederate and Gadsden Flags

To celebrate Memorial Day, we’re burning these hateful symbols.

“Why” 31st Anniversary (Tribute to Annie Lennox)

My first meeting with Annie Lennox was when I was a child in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was at a music

Pulse: Seven Years AfterPride 

Seven years ago, a gunman entered Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, and opened fire, killing 49 people and injuring 53 others.

Pink Dress and Man Milk Mark the Start of Pride MonthPride 

Amidst the storm of bigotry that rains down vitriol and violence onto the queer community, I want Chrissy to stand up and out in a pink dress and high heels.

Wonder Dude, Ameowthyst, Captain Arm-Merica, and Thor (the Dog) for National Superhero Day

When my boy classmates in primary school were talking about Superman this and Batman that, I was busy watching Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman and daydreaming I was her.

Oh, Boy It’s Boylesque!

To honor burlesque performers, Chrissy dons his favorite gold stilettos, white rose undies, and gold rhinestone jewelry, and straddles his gold, circle swing.

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