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Dollsexposed at Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2024

I’m honored and ecstatic to announce one of my doll photos was accepted to the juried artists’ portion of the 2024 Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

Around Jakarta in Eleven+ Hours

Jakarta is a lot of things: loud, noisy, polluted, with motorists who wouldn’t mind running over you as long as they could get to their destination a second faster. But it’s also home.

The WondersTwinning 

I’m an unabashed fan of Wonder Woman and this is one trait I pass on to Chrissy (the others being a cat person, vegetarian for ethical reasons, and feminine).

Dollsexposed’s CA Super Tuesday Voting Guide

Super Tuesday is coming in less than two weeks for us Californians. This is a pivotal beginning that will culminate on November 5, 2024.

Valentine’s Day with Matt & ChrissyHardcore 

Matt grins as he watches Chrissy tap away at his laptop, the sheer pink robe barely covering Chrissy’s body.

The Fat Femme Asian & The Sissy DollTwinning 

Resident Evil’s Chris Redfield may be a macho daddy, but Dollsexposed’s Chrissy is not even a himbo. He’s a sissy slut.

Dollsexposed Celebrates Valentine’s Day (and Singles Awareness Day)

We’re feeling festive* this Valentine’s Day, so let the gift-giving commence!

Star McCartneyTwinning 

I’m not proud to say that I’m a couture survivor. When I was younger, I spent so much money purchasing clothes, bags, and accessories that my friends called me a walking billboard.

Girls in Gold BootsTwinning 

Stilettos are the ultimate proof of the adage “beauty knows no pain.” Granted, I’ve only been wearing cheap heels, so that’s probably why my feet hurt whenever I wear them.

Why I Hated the Barbie Movie

Greta Gerwig had a genius idea but relied too much on set dressing and speeches that she neglected to build a solid narrative around it.

Aubrey & Marcus (& Matt?) Celebrate ChristmasNudity 

Aubrey sighs as Marcus puts the Dior shoe on him. The white high-tops are one of Marcus’s Christmas gifts for Aubrey.

Cupcakes & Pearls/When Matt Introduced Chrissy to Gar (Flashback Story)Softcore 

Meeting your boyfriend’s friends and family for the first time and trying to make a good impression is nerve-wracking enough. But surely cupcakes and pearls make everything easier?

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